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This week, the IHL is in a new phase of their season. The player deadline passed on March 1st at noon, and all teams had to have their rosters finalized at that time. This means that each club had to designate the 16 players who would complete the season. No more trading can take place, and the only new faces can appear is if there would be more than two injuries to any club. They then can bring in one man, until the first injury is healed.

With the player limit during the season at 16, there were few players released at the deadline time who would have been a factor in strengthening any of the other teams in the league. It should be understood that if any club claimed any waived players during the last 24 hours before the deadline, they had to drop one of their other players to stay at the 16 player limit. At that point there arose a fine line of judgment . . . could any one put on final waivers at this point in the league schedule be of any more assistance than the players currently on each teams rosters. Apparently not ... as few players were picked up at deadline time. One of the more notable players not to make the cut... Joe Nathe, who played with Toledo and Flint this season, and had been in the league also in Muskegon in the past. His size and toughness made him a real thought provoker, but in the final analysis, no team apparently felt Joe was an improvement over what they had on their rosters. Another player who was judged a pretty good player earlier in the season was de- fenseman Bob Sunderland of Muskegon. He was big, apparently mobile, had scored quite well, but at the final bell had not takers. In fact the Mohawks had two injured players they included on their final roster, hoping they would return in sound health, rather than name Sunderland on their final 16.

For your interest in watching the clubs the rest of the year, here are the final lists. Let's start with the South Division.

COLUMBUS OWLS — Gary Carr, Goal; Greg Redquist, Goal; Tom Thomson, Defense; Mike Thompson, Defense; Steve Lyon, Defense; Daryl Drader, Defense; Michel Lau- rendeau, Defense; Tom Cassidy, Center; Willie Trognitz, Forward; John Flesch, Forward; Mark Izzard, Center; Peter Sturgeon, Forward; Gerry Egers, Defense; All Hillier, Center; Bill Bennett, Forward; and Don Westbrooke, Forward.

DAYTON GEMS — Jim Bedard, Goal; Dale Rideout, Goal; Al Glendinning, Defense; Jim Bannatyne, Defense; Peter Brown, Defense; Larry Bolonchuk, Defense; Al Dumba, Forward; Doug Patey, Forward; Jack Patterson, Forward; Brian Stepleton, Center; Frank Werner, Forward; Tim Ampleford, Center; Paul Nicholson, Forward; Reg Lahey, Center; Steve Self, Forward; and Ray Kurpis, Forward.

TOLEDO GOALDIGGERS — Tony Piroski, Goal; Pierre Chagnon, Goal; Tom Mellor, Defense; Lorne Weighill, Defense; Rick Piche, Defense; Charlie Shaw, Defense; Jim Johnston, Center; Ian Macphee, Forward; Jim McCabe, Defense; Juri Kudrasovs, Center; Dan O'Driscoll, Forward; Dave Johnson, Forward; Ed Kenty, Center; Brian McKenzie, Center; Paul Tantardini, Forward; and Jerry Badiuk, Defense.

Next week we'll list the North Division clubs. Right now, the above listed players are the ones we must concern ourselves with. They hold the key to our playoff hopes.