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This week . . . it's time to meet the dynamic duo . . . the Komet box office masterminds ... the folks who provide the guidance and major manpower contributions to having the ticket office run smoothly all the time. They are . . . Mrs. Zimmerman ... or "Flossie" to the majority of our "regulars." ... and "Lee" ... Mr. Leroy Girardot, the box office manager. Mrs. Zimmerman is the team secretary and general "girl Friday." She is normally the voice you hear when calling the K's at 483-1111 for ticket reservations or other information during daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. hours on other than game dates. Mrs. "Z" has been employed by the club for the past eleven years. Hockey has been a way of life with the Zimmerman family from the late 50's to this time. Three Zimmerman boys, John, Dick and Bob have all played hockey in the Fort Wayne minor program, and have also played traveling team hockey at all levels of the sport.

Mr. Zimmerman has directed fortunes for the park board hockey programs almost since their inception. Mrs. Zimmerman is a full time employee of the Komets. During the non-playing portion of the season she manages the secretarial needs of the team . . . preparing numerous mailings to season ticket holders and keeps tabs on the sales force. She also handles all letters, schedules all the transportation for travel to scheduled hockey meetings of the league as well as the National Hockey League meetings that require Komet attendance. In the "off" season she is the only consistent regular in the "office" each day. During the active season, game days are never-ending experiences for "Flossie" as she is usually the last to depart the box office each game night, after a full day of phones, reservations, window sales, and assorted regular duties that leave no time for relaxing.
Mr. Leroy Girardot is the box office manager, which means he is responsible for all personnel who service every ticket window on game nights. His "people" are the personalities you the fan meets at each home game when purchasing tickets, or picking up reservations. "Lee" started with the club in 1955 as a ticket seller, and for the past 11 years has been the manager of the box office. His duties also entail balancing each games total sales against tickets, and preparing a final box office statement of each game. "Lee" has a pressure packed job on game nights, as window sales are an important part of the nightly game activity. The Komets have one of the largest window sales of any club in the league, and efficient personnel are a must, to move the large crowds of nightly ticket buyers into the building without hangup, to have everyone in by game time. He directs a staff of twelve ticket sellers and runners each night, and although it appears that this operation runs smoothly at all times with a minimum of problems, it is only thru the organizational efforts of Mr. Girardot that they do. With the constant promotions that are in effect during each hockey season, it is necessary that every ticket seller be aware of their responsibilities and have the right answers at all times. Keep in mind ... these ticket sellers are temporary employees, and work only when games are played, for about three hours a night. They must be aware of constantly changing situations, coordinated by Mr. Girardot, into a smooth operation nightly.
We hope you have appreciated the "Flossie" and "Lee" show these many years. They are both dedicated to keeping you, the fan, satisfied at all times. They are two of our most valued employees . . . and we appreciate them even more than you do.